Everyday WOW offers a variety of opportunities to share wellness with everyone.

Wellness Energizers
WOW gets your meeting participants moving and keeps them active in meetings.  Be it a lull in the day, an intense meeting or the dreaded afternoon slump, a 5 to 10 minute physical activity stretch and movement set to motivating music can get participants' heads back in the meeting.

Wellness Chats
WOW gives talks on wellness topics such as sensible nutrition, physical activity for all, stress relief in daily life and staying goal focused. Participants have an opportunity to both learn and share ideas that work on maintaining wellness.

Wellness Classes @ Special Events
WOW will add value to a your meetings by teaching classes at your event.  Meeting participants' can get their days started off to a great start with classes such as Rise and Shine yoga.  Classes can be tailored to attendees interests to be fit into the overall meeting schedule. 

Wellness Camps
WOW will design a Learn and Burn Wellness Camp for your group.  Most “camps” designed to improve health outcomes geared toward large groups of people are “boot camps” whose major focus is on physical activity.  While physical activity is crucial in improving and maintaining wellness, it is only one dimension of the process. The Learn and Burn Wellness Camp will positively impact participants’ lives as they learn valuable wellness information and burn calories. Each weekly camp class will include a wellness discussion addressing topics such as  food choice ideas and stress relief, followed by a physical activity class  such as Zumba,  yoga and resistance exercises.  

Wellness Workshops and Presentations
WOW will structure workshops and presentations from 30 minutes to multiple days. Drawing from the offerings above and a host of others, WOW tailors programming and develops information to fit a variety of needs, ranging from enrichment programs to participating in continuing education courses.  Participants will be encouraged to be physically active. 

Wellness Events
WOW handles all aspects of event planning including program design, theme setting, site selection, vendor management, talent recruitment, day-of management and moderating an event.

Wellness Coaching 
WOW works with individuals who are ready to work on improving their health, fitness and wellness.  Drawing from lifestyle coaching practices and focusing on physical activity, clients are encouraged to identify what they wish to change, face the fear of what is stopping them from making the change, declare and visualize an outcome and set and work toward goals.

Wellness @ Work 
WOW will work with businesses to create wellness programs to provide employees the convenience of participating in wellness and physical activities while at work. Programs can be designed from a range of corporate initiatives to on-site classes. Various programming can include:

  • Organize monthly Wellness Programs on a variety of wellness topics to include physical activity, nutrition, stress relief, etc.  These programs can coincide with monthly disease//health topics (e.g. October is breast cancer month).
  • Plan, coordinate, manage and implement Wellness Weeks or special Wellness Days
  • Design employee incentive rewards program (e.g. A set number of employees who meet specific goals, do outstanding work, etc. can have the opportunity to be invited to special wellness classes for a set amount of time).


  • DC Department of Health - Live Well DC! 
  • AIDS 2012 International Conference 
  • National Medical Association
  • Howard University School of Law
  • American Association of Medical Colleges
  • City of Houston Department of Health and Human Services 


  • Golden Triangle Business Improvement District 
  • KPMG
  • National Football Association
  • Pharmacists Diabetes Care Campaign
  • Harriet Tubman Homeless Shelter
  • CNN
  • Faith House/St. Ann's Infant and Maternal Home